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November 28, 2012


Last weekend, I joined Infinity Place's first UMVC3 and MK9 tournament. Had a hard time winning fights in UMVC3, but I definitely learned a lot from the matches I had. Got a total of 4 wins with my Ryu/Magneto/Doom team hehe. In MK9, it was really really different from the past tournies. It was in a round robin format and EVERYONE leveled up and brought their A-game. Definitely some good matches with all of the guys. I like this round robin thing for tournaments since you get to play with everyone before heading into eliminations. Had the chance to test a lot of match ups with my Shang Tsung.

In the end, Me and my brothers took top 3 for MK9. Me getting 1st, Martin taking 2nd and Migo taking 3rd. A very fun event. Salute to the guys from Infinity. I'm glad to represent the Infinity team and bring home the championship!

My 3rd Championship :)

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