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March 01, 2014


Kikuo Ibe shocked Manila with his tagalog
I was invited by good peoples to attend the G-Shock 'Shock the World' Manila "tour?" so I did go. Woke up late and thought I wasn't going to make it on time (I dont like being late). Good thing I wasn't.

On with the photos.

Thank you!


Everyone were waiting to meet the "Father" of G-Shock, Mr. Kikuo Ibe. Definitely the coolest person in Manila that day. Such a humble and funny folk.

He started his speech sympathizing with the Philippines and the victims of the devastating typhoon that hit us. A class-act intro followed by A LOT OF TAGALOG sentences. None of that "Mahal ko kayo" cliche by foreigners who visit the country. He actually said pretty detailed stuff about G-Shock in Tagalog. So awesome. I think I got some on video that I'll be uploading soon.

Mr. Kikuo Ibe

Charlene Hung presented us with the 2014 lineup for G-Shock.

Of all the watches that were presented, the GB6900 was the one I liked the most. I know someone who needs this BAD *cough*Bee*cough*. Check the video below.

The G-Shock brand ambassadors. NIXDAMNP!, Mai Mailan, Kazu Onozawa and Archie Geotina.

The lovely Joyce Pring hosting the party.

Saw some old friends at the event. Kung hindi nyo kilala tong dalawang to, baka nakatira kayo sa ilalim ng bahay ng nakatira sa ilalim ng bato. These guys are HUGE rockstars and I honestly think they deserve all the success they're having right now. Nice seeing you two kapatid.

Awesome event overall. Congratulations to all the people involved.


  1. Aww, you're so lucky you got invited! I love G-shock and thanks for posting, maybe I'll get a new one! Such a cool event! :)

  2. I loved it too, especially the video where they showed how Kikuo Ibe discovered G-Shock! Cool!

  3. So exciting, love G-shock (or Baby G, in my case) too and would be super excited if i was invited for anything like this!

  4. So good ! have been a great fan of Casio MTGS100! hope to get in some good events like this :)

  5. Looks like it was a cool event, I'm glad you had fun! :)

  6. Erika says...
    Wow. The event looks cool! I wish I were there :p I used to be a G-shock kid, haha!

  7. Thanks for the comments guys. It was a fun event.

  8. Dope stuff right here bro! to cap off the event you got loonie and ron up in this. did they perform? always wanted some of those watches hopefully soon but as of now we gotta grind haha!

    1. I don't think they did but I might be wrong since I didnt get to finish the party. Yea man G-Shocks are the best.

  9. I like this kind of event. not the usual type but willing to try it! looks fun!

  10. G-Shock is really a stylish watch and great of them to make an impact through this event.


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