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August 01, 2010


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Who Knows (with A.N.E. - Same Team) - DOWNLOAD HERE
Produced by DJ Arbie Won

Im assuming you already heard the Who Knows track that we did on that Cool Kids beat. Heres the same song with a completely different feel and vibe to it, produced by DJ Arbie Won. A solo version of this track was released by Soulfiesta and A.N.E. with my verses removed and with additional ones. Check it out at Soulfiesta yall.

Heres the original track with Me and A.N.E. in it. Strictly for them sneakerheads who fall in line and camp out for every shoe release, heads spending hours on e-bay hunting for the rarest Jordans, people building connects online just to get the shoes early before the supposed release date, and for the the peeps who rock them fresh kicks hard. If you love shoes like we do, this ones for you. Feel free to repost in your blogs, twitters, facebooks if you diggin it.

Download for FREE and be sure to let a fellow sneakerhead know. Rock it in your iPods and whatnot. Peace and stay fresh!

Shout outs to Solemovement, weLegendary, KingCrux, DJ Arbie Won and Team LMS (Bossing, Ryan, Carlo, Jason, Mon, Mackie)! What it do?


  1. Rj and migz23. Thanks for liking the track! Feel free to spread the word man, all sneakerheads should be rockin to this song haha :) Peace!

    Thumbs up to the facebook likers and sharers. Drop a comment here if you can.

  2. Aqua VIII's all day! sick track!

  3. New track is fire, Marc. Congrats!

  4. Thanks lastchance21 and Donna! :)


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