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November 28, 2012


B-Roc is one of the few people I met early when I started making music and started going to events to support other artists in the community. I remember meeting him through Gabby (Shroomz of Archonz) in an Ampon event somewhere in Marikina. A very talented, hardworking, easy to be with and humble dude. Nothing has really changed but the amount of hustle he puts into the grinder. Very pleased to have met the big bro.

Last November 24, B-Roc let loose of an instrumental album available for free download. He also turned 30 that day. (30 is the new 20 B!). Hit the jump for the details.


Today, I turn 30. There are a few things I wanted to accomplish before this day. A good part of it I've already managed to attain -- and well, yeah -- here's a gift from me to all our day one fans, and friends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to change some lives, some perspectives and some situations. This release, is an instrumental album -- more than a beat CD. This isn't about technical skill, the beats were made to breath a little. Allowing each listener some room to think and feel.

Alongside these 2 minute instrumentals, there is a PDF file -- which contains 3 great things. An amazing piece by Dominic Nuesa; an incredible feature article by Miao Olivar and beautiful pictures taken by my brother, Ryan Andres.

Once again, thank you for the well wishes and may you enjoy this album the way I enjoyed making it. This album is brought to you by We Legendary, Wipcaps, Gourmet Footwear, SneakPeek, Locker Room Legends, Stndrds Manila, ILL K & Purveyr.


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