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July 18, 2014



The homies from STNDRDS just dropped this very dope shirt. Make sure you get yours early. This will run out quick.

For orders and reservations, reach them at +63916 594 6731.

Shoutouts to the 80s and 90s babies that know about the oldskool partylines. This tee is an homage to that and to just the late 80s and 90s as a whole. A lot that inspires us like the music and movies we like are from this era. Rep where you're from. Rep til it's done.

Photos were shot by Kevin Cayuca (, who has worked for big brands like Team Manila and Ms. Clavel to name a few. Make up done by Mary Ann Sy, one of Metro Manila's up and coming make up artists who does the make up for some of Kevin's biggest shoots.

This shirt features a front and back print [White on Black]
Model is wearing a size M shirt.

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