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March 21, 2014


Photo Essay Vol. Fooooooooooooood
I wanted to get rid of some photos in my camera so I decided to share them on my blog because posting food photos online is cool right? lol

The biggest perk in living in Kapitolyo is having some awesome food joints in just a walk's distance. Here are some Poco Deli picks.

Tropical Hut's spaghetti and chicken combo.

Picking a restaurant to eat at with friends is one of the most difficult tasks ever. This one is in Chili's Powerplant though

Saw this new spot (Pomodoro Pizza Kitchen) a few steps away from my apartment building and decided to check it out. I liked their pasta, definitely be going back to try the pizza.

Ridin' solo at Shakey's

Ah Kapitolyo.

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