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January 27, 2014


Made sure I didn't stay at my apartment during the weekend.

Had to take care of some stuff last Saturday. Visited and spent time with the family as well, since the place I'm supposed to go to was nearby. It was the perfect day to head out. Sun was high up, winds were chilly and absolutely no signs of rain. I hate it when its raining.

Shouts to the Stussy x Nike SB Trainerendors man, one of the most comfortable shoes I have. I can't stop wearing them.

Sunday greeted me like whaassup?! Met up with Bee to visit her mentor/teacher that passed away (Rest in peace Ms. Chuchi). After that, I requested for us to pay Chili's a visit since its been a while.

Hey! I'm talking to you!

We are back. We love this place and we love the food. Get at me Chili's!

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