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September 17, 2013


Araneta Coliseum was one of Derrick Rose's stops in his Manila tour. The fans came and he did give them what they came for last Sunday. A 3 point contest against sharpshooter Chris Tiu, a shootout with the very lovely Isabelle Daza, and a quick 3 on 3 with some of our players and the 3vs3 Thailand team.

I enjoyed the event. I felt like D Rose really wanted to please the fans by making the most out of his visit. As the event came to an end, he even grabbed the mic and let out a, "Thats it?", as if he doesn't want to leave yet. Good stuff.

Anyway, hit the jump to check the photos and videos out.


The homie Marco rockin it!

D Rose's game face

D Rose and Isabelle Daza. Hi Isabelle :)

Thank you D Rose!

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