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August 08, 2013


I'm pretty sure we've all heard stories of terrible waiting time just to get to eat in IHOP. Turrible turrible stories.

Here's the deal, I love breakfast food (who doesn't?), so when I heard that IHOP will be opening its first joint in the Philippines, I was excited. But then, the hype was really really crazy when it opened. You have to wait 2 plus something hours before you can get to eat? NO THANK YOU.

Now that the hype has died down, its time to get me some dope breakfast food, you know the usual fluffy pancakes with bacon covered in maple... you know the drill.

On with the photos.

Passed by Titan to get her that Kobe bighead. Madness ensues.

Preparing to take a photo with Kobe. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.

She's feeding him waffles now. YUP.


Didn't really like the Splashberry so the waiter, who is also a Lakers fan, gave us this Tropical Island Twist. Thank you good Sir. LAKERS BABY!

Chicken and waffles for her.

Pancake combo for me. Original buttermilk son!

She's not yet done. LMAO. I feel like I'm 3rd wheeling.

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