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August 28, 2013


I needed to be somewhere and I felt like hailing a cab on the main road will take me hours, so I decided to test out this GrabTaxi app I have on my phone. Let me run you quick on how to go about it.

Signing Up
All you have to do is enter your name, email address and mobile phone number. It's that easy. Make sure that you have a Wi-fi or mobile network connection of course.

Looking for a cab
The phone needs to detect your location so make sure that you activate location services in your phone's settings.

You will now need to let the app know the location from where you will be picked up at. Tap on FROM and the app will show you nearby locations. Try the search function if its not displaying a specific location where you want to be picked up at.

You now need to choose your destination, tap on TO to proceed. Use the search function to look for the location you're headed to. If the location of the destination is not available, what I do is I choose a nearby landmark/location and just type the specific address in the "Notes to Driver" section.

Waiting game
After filling all the information needed for your travel, you now wait. The cab drivers nearby are now being alerted that there's someone in need of their service.

After a cab accepts the booking, the driver's name and cab plate number are shown on the app. The estimated time of arrival is also shown along with the estimated fare you'll be paying. Pretty neat right?

I haven't tried the CALL DRIVER feature yet but I guess you can use that to communicate better with the driver. You know, just in case its taking too long for him to pick you up.

Heres a photo of how the app looks like on my side, and how it is on the driver's unit.

I'm happy with the experience I had with this app and would definitely use it again. I suggest you download it now. It'll come in handy.


Things to remember

  • You have to pay 70php on top of the metered fare.
  • Make sure you have a Wi-fi or mobile network connection to book a cab.
  • Make sure you have Location services activated/enabled on your phone settings.
  • Input specifics in the "Notes to driver" section.

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