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August 16, 2013


TITAN, UNSCHLD AND SBTG did it again! If you think the stuff looks good on the photos I posted last week, wait til you see them in person. I highly recommend for you to cop a piece or 2 from this 2013 collection. The quality and design is just so dope. If you want to see for yourself, visit TITAN asap.

Me and the homies dropped by the release party to check out the stuff and to say whats up to a couple of people as well. Didn't get to snap a lot of shots but here they are anyway. Enjoy.

DJ Scratchmark rockin it

Kim, Cheng and Pao

I see you Mon

LockerRoomLegend and Jandrizzy

Ryan, Cheng, Mon, Mackie and Pao

What it dew Su?

JC, Martin and Toots

Aika and RJay

Them shirts!

Cess and Ting

Whats good? #MirrorSelfie

Mackie, Banj and Pao


Shouts to the Chimichanga I had for dinner.

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