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July 24, 2013


LeBron James in Manila. Filipinos got to #WITNESSHISTORY, as the 2-Time Champion visited our country yesterday. I'm pretty sure it was a very surreal experience for all the LeBron fans out there. Similar to that feeling I had when Kobe visited Manila. I know for sure, since I am with one of the biggest LBJ fans I know, my brother.

First stop in his Manila visit is a small press conference with people from media such as TV, print, and online. It was a long wait before the very short and brief interview with Boom Gonzales started. Despite the very long wait, the setup was nice, they served food for the people, saw some good folks around, was seated next to Lia Cruz :), so I AINT EVEN MAD.

On with the photos. Click for a bigger view.

Happy kid my brother is

Ting (LockerRoomLegends) and Martin


LeBron James!

Father and son steez. Jojo (KingCrux) and Jay
Banj and Dennis

Shuttle service to the next stop? Thank you Ogilvy and Nike PH.

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