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February 19, 2013


I want to try out a new segment in my blog where I give my opinion(s) about a certain topic or whatever. I think this will help me update my blog more often and get me to writing and posting more frequent than last year. What better event to start IMO (In Marc's Opinion) with than the 2013 NBA All-Star weekend.

Hit the jump to check out IMO, the best All-Star moments.

Kyrie Irving breaks Brandon Knight's ankle
Uncle Drew showed us some mad handles during the BBVA Rising Stars Game. My favorite was around the 0:13 mark. Holy.

Kyrie Irving scores 23 points to win the 3 point contest
I said it in my twitter and facebook, If Kobe retires, this kid might replace him as my favorite NBA player.

That one Terrence Ross dunk in the Dunk contest
Slam Dunk contest wasnt that special, but this dunk from Mr. Ross is something else. Hit the 0:33 mark.

Cliff Paul makes an appearance
Now who wants a Cliff Paul and Uncle Drew 1 on 1?

Kobe with the swat
Not a big Lebron fan but a big Mamba fan so yea. This was sweet.

Chris Paul
Best PG in the league

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