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December 08, 2012


Still Day 1 of our visit. In the afternoon, we decided to meet Issa aka The awesome one (see what I did there homey?) somewhere in Orchard and just hangout til were all tired and shit. It was nice to walk Orchard again, this time with a camera on my hand. Forgot to bring a camera the last time I was there. Or the battery ran out or something, doesn't matter. Anyway, them hours of walking, eating ice cream sandwiches, eating stuff on sticks were perfect. I had fun. I don't mind doing this again. On with the photos.

Her fun begins
I love shoes, She loves... socks.

Whats up homey!?... Nevermind

Honeydew = crack!

Thats mine!

I LOLd. Girls need more than just mints.

Nugget almost the size of yo face!
Weeeee!! Lights!

Issa Forever Alo...

Generic Orange Juice

Back home with Trixie and Uncle Den

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