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October 09, 2012


Thats right! Ryan "Filipino Champ" Ramirez will be visiting A2G again, this time he has a couple of buddies with him. Hiro, Neo and CJ Showstoppa will be playing and repping Team USA in a set of matches against Team PH. Yup! I cant wait for that shit to go down. Best of luck to our UMVC3 PH Team. Hit the jump for more details.

A2G posted this on their facebook group.
Updates: the event will be held at A2G on OCT 13-14 (UMVC 3 games exclusively)

Oct 13 - 6 pm-onwards . there will be an entrance & gaming fee for 250 pesos (free play- consumable).. no payment- no entrance in the event..
mechanics on oct 13- 4 cabs will be seated by the top us players including fchamp..
players who paid for the entrance can do some race to 10 sets with all top us players.
the other extra cab will be for the selection of team PH- team tournament will be held. so, you can assemble a team (at least 3 or 4 member team) before or on the spot to choose your team mate in a2g. also we will held a team battle tournament..- winner in that tournament will represent team PH.. along with team captain Peter Jr Chua.. in Sunday's event
so far the registered team for saturday's event is:
Team A2G/NEO - members- Carlo Castilla, Kim Crisostomo, Alexander Kim, Alexander Lim.

Oct 14 - the main event - 1 pm onwards.. an entrance fee of 100
mechanics on oct 14- Team battle of US & Philippines. race to 3- set of 5
- most anticipated money match between papable peter & "Filipino champ".

also fchamp will pick/choose players he will feature in FGTV house in the US..
to expose the FGC in the Philippines.

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