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February 25, 2012


First things first, a big congratulations and a salute to the Titan fam for successfully opening another store, this time at the heart of the Green Archers' hometown, Taft. I arrived around 7pm and the area outside the store was already packed! Mad packed! So I rushed inside the shop to take shots and say hi to some folks.

Black toes

I told you it was packed

Mr. Cariaso with BTV

DJ Mikki

Miggy of Chicosci and Carlo of LMS

Good folks Ting and Mikki

Some happy customers who got lucky and won the raffle. Congrats and enjoy your pairs! When I say enjoy, I mean WEAR IT.

Very happy women

I got a video of this really very happy moment of a girl who won the raffle. Turned out, the shoe was for her brother. Sweeet!

The hype on these Galaxy Foams is just out of this world crazy. #Pun

Raoul and Paul

Another successful release by Titan. They really know how to do it right word to Carlo Eltanal. Taft folks, check out Titan at the G/F of One Archer Place for your barber and basketball needs. Til the next event, Peace!

G/F Green Podium, One Archer Place
Taft Ave. cor. Castro St.
Malate, Manila
Mon-Sun: 1200 - 2100

#NT WDYWT shot


  1. yo bro, how's the fitting of the AM Penny 1? is it the same as the fitting of airmax 90 infrareds? thanks! more power!

  2. hey, the Penny 1s are a bit wider that the AM90s I think.

    Thanks man!


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