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March 05, 2011


This bridged the gap and opened up opportunities for a lot of independent acts to work with producers from different camps. Me and my crew were blessed enough to work with one of the people we really look up to in the local scene, Juss Rye of the Sun Valley Crew. Yes! Sun Valley Crew as in SVC

But this project is beyond that, its beyond opening opportunities for independent acts like us, its beyond sharing the stage with a variety of artists, its beyond the late night gatherings every week.

Its the gap between camps that has been bridged. Its the progression, Its the people working together and simultaneously moving forward. Its the manifestation of the word MOVEMENTand UNITY.

"A 17 track masterpiece from the beat raffle made to 17 hiphop acts last 2006. The Community aimed to bring the movement forward but in unison, displaying a working atmosphere for every camp to show growth. This album is dedicated to the people who never gave up on the thought of unity through the struggling scene". - SOULFIESTA

I'm honored and proud to be a part of this monumental project that changed the face of independent hip-hop.

Were on track 06 by the way. THE EXPANSION TEAM! Shout out to Jalil and A.N.E. Much props to Turbulence Productions for making this and a lot more happen.

Click on the image to go to the DOWNLOAD LINK

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