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March 01, 2011


So I was browsing NT, and I stumbled upon this thread with talks about the best song in a video game. Then I had flashbacks of the games I used to play and how the background music gives me a feeling of bliss, a feeling of being at home lol. Whether it be Tomb Raider adrenaline pumping, Resident Evil creepy, or just Final Fantasy laid back, the theme music sends me to that ultimate gaming haven of mine... a sanctuary of comfortable couches, wireless controllers, big screen TVs and Quistis feeding me grapes *sigh*. What a nerd.

In this post I present to you some of the music I enjoyed during my "10-hour-gaming-per-day" days. A selection of video game music from Sega and PS1 titles, I actually stopped playing heavy after the PS1 era.

Final Fantasy VIII - Balamb Garden

Resident Evil 2 - Police Station Hall

Tomb Raider - Showdown

Final Fantasy Battle Theme

Sonic Green Hill Zone

Bare Knuckle

Resident Evil Main Hall Theme

Comix Zone

Metal Gear Solid - Encounter

and those are just a few of the many video game music I enjoyed. What are yours?

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