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January 07, 2011


Whenever Mike Swift gets on a track or performs live, I see a little kid having all the fun he can have, and its ironic how I also see a grown man who is passionate about what he does. I've known Mike for quite some time now and have watched him live for more than a couple of times. And one thing yall should know about Mike Swift is that Mike Swift is all heart. He bleeds for hip-hop (remember that hip-hop awards performance? I know you do)

On with the album review, Paro Paro To the Billboard. The album has 15 tagalog and english tracks and is now available via Reverbnation .

Ive been bumping the album for a while now, and I must say that this album is a pretty solid one. "Intro" pa lang, Mike went in hard (pause). Definitely one of my fave joints, the beat had my face turn sour. A perfect fit for Mike's energy on the track. "Away" is a beautiful track and the sample on the beat is crazy haha. Another track I liked is "Wishing Star". Even though I think that the sample is kinda played out, Mike did his thing and the hook was mad catchy and the song is actually pretty good. Talking about catchy, the album has some catchy tunes here an there, that "Marvelous Marvin" packs a LSS status hook. I think J-hon was perfect for the track too. I didn't really like that "@Twitter" track but the hook might stay in my head for a couple of weeks. Follow me on twitter twitter twitter

And then I came across "To The Billboard". If this track doesn't make you stand up and wild the fuck out, Its either you dont listen to rap or you're a paraplegic. The energy on this track is just crazy. The drums OMG. Im a sucker for drums like these, kinda reminded me of Mike's joint with Blaze and London Baby "Thump". Paro Paro Beats did the damn thing on this song (and on the whole album of course). Beats were pretty solid and the samples were nice!

Im not gonna review it track by track, but Ima just wanna let yall know how I feel about the album. Some tracks I dont like, but most gets a thumbs up. $9.99 well spent I must say. I give the album an honest 3.8/5.

Feel free to agree/disagree with me. Buy the album and let me know what yall think.

Congratulations to Mike and Paro Paro Beats! *salute*

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